The Synodal Journey in the Diocese of Hallam.

Pope Francis has asked every one of the People of God to let him know how things are for them in the Church. He believes we are all trying to journey together through life, finding ways to communicate the fundamental message of Jesus, to love one another, in how we live our lives and in our words. That is the meaning of the word “Synodal” – it means “journeying together”.

He has asked the Bishops of the world to ask you and then tell him. You can do this with other people in your parish; tell Bishop Ralph what you think between October 2021 to 7 March 2022.

Your parish will hold meetings so you can think together about what important things you need to say.

Bishop Ralph will collect your thoughts and take them to a meeting of the bishops of England and Wales. Some of our bishops will gather in Rome for a Synod (meeting) in 2023 to listen to what you are saying about our journeying together. Following this Pope Francis will write to the whole Church reflecting what has been discerned from this process.

The question Pope Francis is asking you to pray, listen and discern is this:

“How does this “journeying together” take place today on different levels (from the local to the universal one), allowing the Church to proclaim the Gospel?”

Executive summary

People from 60% of active Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Hallam responded to a call to reflect together on their communion with, participation in and mission for and with the Church. The outcome of this 5 month process is a picture of a beloved Church in need of some reforms to enable that communion, participation and mission to go on into the future. There are many ideas about what can be done to create a more welcoming and inclusive Church that speaks, listens and lives the Gospel. Some suggestions for change are for the Universal Church, some changes can be carried forward at Diocesan and Parish level. The synodal process was seen as positive and hopeful and there was a wish for good fruits to come from it. A Synodal Review Meeting is scheduled for March 2023 to review the progress in the Diocese.

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