Sacrament of Confirmation:

We are hoping to have the Sacrament of Confirmation on 9th October 2022. We are looking for volunteers to help in the instruction of the candidates are needed. Please contact Fr. Desmond if you are interested. 

Please note that candidate forms are available. Please return the forms by the 31st July 2022.


The Sacrament of Confirmation is ready and we are all looking forward to see you. Please see below the booklet for the service.

Message from the Bishop:

Returning to Mass at Pentecost. An Invitation from the Bishop’s of England and Wales.

A beautiful Hallmark of the Catholic Faith is to Participate in the Mass and share the Eucharist.

The Eucharist gives the Church identity. “The Eucharist makes the Church and the Church makes the Eucharist,” it enables us to worship Almighty God and support others on our journey of Faith, and is a visible sign to the world. The Christian Duty is to worship God by celebrating the Mass on Sunday’s and Holy Days, it is the greatest privilege referred to as the Sunday Obligation.

The Covid Pandemic has lessened, Thank God , and people have resumed normal activities, we believe that the reasons preventing Catholics from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days no longer applies.

Our Catholic people have benefited during Covid, from online streaming. ‘Virtual Viewing’ online sadly does not fulfil the Sunday Obligation, It may however be a source of Spiritual comfort to the Sick, Elderly and Housebound. We now invite Catholics to attend Mass in person. Nourished by Holy Communion and supported by the presence of each other, we receive strength week by week to Glorify God with our lives.

“Prior to the Holy Fathers invitation to set out a SYNOD JOURNEY to formulate a way of asking where we are going as a Diocese.  It is an opportunity to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, to re-access our preparedness for the future, Post Pandemic as individuals, a Parish and a Diocese. Your response to the Questionnaire will help, inform  and shape the way forward.”

Responses to reach Bishops House no later than 20th July 2022.

Yours sincerely in Christ the Redeemer & Ralph.


1. Mission How to grow in the life of Christ which we received in Baptism ? are we equipped, as individuals as a community to serve as a Priesthood of the Baptised are we active or passive members of the Body of Christ.

2.  Catechesis what are the themes/subjects/areas of Scripture and the teaching of the Church that bring me life, hope, inform and guide my life today? Is my Knowledge and understanding accurate, up to date and clear to help others.

3. Out Reach What areas do you think the church is good at doing and where does it need to grow ? in speaking to the wider world, what do we think the Church has to offer?

4.  Buildings it could be said that the Diocese of Hallam has the Physical footprint of a body that no longer exists. Discuss, What we need/want from buildings which reflect our mission our needs for the years to come ?

5.  Staffing The church is of Heaven and on earth. How do our staff/ing of our Parishes and our Diocese reflect truth?

6.  Worship  Have we done all we can to understand and celebrate the Liturgy in ways promoted by the Second Vatican Council.

If you wish to fill this in online please click on this link: