Refurbishments Funds

As St Albans has been servicing the local community for over 120 years, as you can imagine there is a lot of refurbishments and repairs needed in the church.

In 2021 we finally got a accessible toilet within the church which had been delayed since 2020 due to covid. The toilet was a great asset to the church as it is now located in the church itself instead of the old outside toilet block only welcoming to spiders.

This year (2022) we are looking at replacing the central heating system or lack of a heating system. The current heating system is done by pipes however only one side of the church is fitted with these pipes. We wish to fully replace the system and have modern energy saving radiators in there place however we need the funds.

If you can donate anything towards our refurbishments please do so by the following ways.

Donate Now:

Standing order: This is great for weekly contributions.

In person: You can donate into our collections or give a sealed envelope to the priest.

Donations for Services: We recommend that if you are having a personal service at the church for example baptisms, weddings, vow renewals and funerals, that you consider donating towards the organisation of this service.

Our Bank Details:

Bank HSBC Sheffield City Branch.

Sort Code: 40-41-07

Account number: 81094068

GoFundMe Page

If you want to donate via GoFundMe then please click here